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The Elite & PERFECT Adhesive Application Brush

The Elite & PERFECT Adhesive Application Brush

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I have used these brushes for several years now and I have always loved them. They’ve actually been one of my greatest accessories. They are a soft bristled brush with a wooden handle PLUS our branding so that you easily remember where to get more for your family and friends.

They do not absorb the adhesive, can also be used for painting or primers, and clean easily in just a regular brush rinse cup. To maintain the health of my brushes I rinse them in my water cup, spray with dawn and massage through, spritz with alcohol to break up any glue that may have dried, rinse again well in my water cup, and just dry with a scrap rag that I keep at my desk. I have had the same (3) for over two years now. 

As with all other products that we offer, there are no refunds, returns, or exchanges. Any lost or damaged products must be documented, photographed, and sent to us within (48) hours of delivery confirmation. 

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