Collection: Affiliate & Discount Links ➕ Codes

The following is a list of the companies of which I affiliate with or have been given a discount code for. I am very selective on whom I will represent and connect my name with, both as an individual and as a company. I hope this provides you with a great variety of options for almost any crafting materials you may need! You can simply copy and paste the link into your browser for reaper access. 💜💜

Suppliers that I use…


➡️ Epoxy & Rhinestones:

➡️ Vinyl & Decals:                

➡️ Pigments, Pigment Adhesive, & Glitter:

➡️ Striping Tape, Foils, & Foil Flakes:

➡️ Glitter & Extra Supplies:   

➡️ Designer that I Recommend for Building Shopify Websites:

➡️ Cup Edging Tool & Glitter Adhesive:

➡️ Tumbler Turners:  

➡️ Snowglobe Magic Flow + Other Supplies:

➡️ Pigment Brush:


➡️ 3-D Printed Products:

➡️ Favorite Apparel: 

 👉🏻  Direct Link to everything. Just add code SAMANTHA to check out.